About Lava:

            Founded in 1981 and since that date has to develop our products and follow scientific developments in this area. In 1987 a test was made for our products at the centre of studies and scientific research. The results of LAVA at that time was good and after studying requirements of current architectural projects list was approved manufacturing new products were manufactured and designs uniquely and distinctively. By so, we have our work to satisfy the desires of our customers and provide integrated solutions to the requirements and developments growing market and this is what made us in the forefront and make LAVA  products the first in the country and most widespread.
In 2005, we tested one of our new collectors at the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology, for three daily temperature operation the yields were as follows:

C 40

C 45

C 50





Daily result

The yield optical for the collector is 74%.

The arrangement for LAVA collector were the best among all tested imported and locally manufactured collectors.